March Birchbox

Recently I discovered Birchbox and have been waiting very impatiently for my first to arrive

20120326-195347.jpg….I should probably explain what it is…Bitchbox is a monthly subscription, where for $10 a month you receive a box full of 5 beauty samples, for more in depth details, check out the link
So, Saturday I received my very first one. I’m not sure what I was really expecting but, I was not super impressed. Here is what was in mine.

Annick Goutal-Eau d’Hadrien this is a perfume, which has a very very citrusy smell-not really my style
Deborah Lippmann-The stripper to go lavender smelling nail polish remover wipes. I can’t lie, not something I have ever bought, but something I always wish I had in my purse when I feel my nail polish is gross. Now to see if I ever use them…(reminder to self:put them in your purse)
Eye Rock-Designer liner stick on, cat eye liner strips. They look so cool, but totally not my style. Maybe I will save for Halloween
Juice Beauty- Blemish clearing cleanser it’s a face cleanser, which I’m not sure what I think about yet. I kinda love my current cleansers
Orofluido-beauty elixerthis product makes me happy I got the box, I will be honest ( I had to look up what the heck this was, and it didn’t come with directions) but when I figured it out, I realized what I had been missing! It smells heavenly, made my hair look so shiny, and oh so soft!! LOVE


And last, but not least…
Hollywood Fashion Tape it is an assortment pack of double-sided sticky strips. I am sure that at some point these will come in handy!

Have you gotten the birchbox? What do you think of it? I may be undecided, but I’m still eager to see what comes next month