Top 5 from Pinterest

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having an AMAZING Sunday.
today I bring you…..


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This bed just SCREAMS luxury to me! it looks so wonderful and comfortable…and well PERFECT

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Two of my favorite things! Avocado and grilled cheese! summer yes!

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I love this hair style! if only my hair was long enough to actually do it

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Can you tell I am loving the avocado this week? But lets me honest, it looks delicious

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I live my life by these words! Sometimes if you are having a bad day, you just need to go back to bed and start over!

well I hope these pins help to bring a little smile and inspiration to your Sunday


Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Time for a recipe review!
One thing I am always on a search for is new recipes, unfortunately some sound and look better then they actually are.
So today I will give you my opinion of Easy Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas (found it on the back of a cream of chicken can)

So, my thoughts are this: very good, SUPER easy to make and the best part was… it was made with ingredients that we typically always have on hand.

so next time your at a loss for the never ending question “what’s for dinner” I would say give this a try


Top 5 from PINTEREST

Its Sunday which means it is time for my TOP 5 FROM PINTEREST this week!

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I do not know how you could ever be mad at a face like that! I mean seriously, this is ADORABLE!

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This is so true to my heart because living so close to Target I go there all the time, and ALWAYS leave with WAY more then I went for.

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This looks so yummy! I will be making it VERY soon! (review to come)

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Summer Please! this just screams warm weather and sunshine

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This has been on my mind! time to hit the gym