Sir Jealousy~ if you need a laugh

Sooo, it’s kinda an unwritten rule in our house, anytime you come home, you take the dog out. A dog can never go outside to much.


Well….yesterday I come home from work and it’s GORGEOUS outside- naturally(haha) I decide rather then take Max on a short walk, we should take a long one and enjoy some fresh air.

Sounds great right?!? Nope, not according to Winkey (or Sir Jealousy as I sometimes like to call him)

As soon as I walk back up to the house, I see my cute little kitty waiting at the door … And as soon as I walk in, my husband informs the the cat needs to go on a walk because he has been at the door meowing since we left! we are talking 20 minutes

The motto of this story….next time you see someone walking a cat, the lady may not be completely crazy, but instead…the cat thinks he is a dog