Top 5 from Pinterest

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having an AMAZING Sunday.
today I bring you…..


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This bed just SCREAMS luxury to me! it looks so wonderful and comfortable…and well PERFECT

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Two of my favorite things! Avocado and grilled cheese! summer yes!

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I love this hair style! if only my hair was long enough to actually do it

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Can you tell I am loving the avocado this week? But lets me honest, it looks delicious

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I live my life by these words! Sometimes if you are having a bad day, you just need to go back to bed and start over!

well I hope these pins help to bring a little smile and inspiration to your Sunday


Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Time for a recipe review!
One thing I am always on a search for is new recipes, unfortunately some sound and look better then they actually are.
So today I will give you my opinion of Easy Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas (found it on the back of a cream of chicken can)

So, my thoughts are this: very good, SUPER easy to make and the best part was… it was made with ingredients that we typically always have on hand.

so next time your at a loss for the never ending question “what’s for dinner” I would say give this a try


March Birchbox

Recently I discovered Birchbox and have been waiting very impatiently for my first to arrive

20120326-195347.jpg….I should probably explain what it is…Bitchbox is a monthly subscription, where for $10 a month you receive a box full of 5 beauty samples, for more in depth details, check out the link
So, Saturday I received my very first one. I’m not sure what I was really expecting but, I was not super impressed. Here is what was in mine.

Annick Goutal-Eau d’Hadrien this is a perfume, which has a very very citrusy smell-not really my style
Deborah Lippmann-The stripper to go lavender smelling nail polish remover wipes. I can’t lie, not something I have ever bought, but something I always wish I had in my purse when I feel my nail polish is gross. Now to see if I ever use them…(reminder to self:put them in your purse)
Eye Rock-Designer liner stick on, cat eye liner strips. They look so cool, but totally not my style. Maybe I will save for Halloween
Juice Beauty- Blemish clearing cleanser it’s a face cleanser, which I’m not sure what I think about yet. I kinda love my current cleansers
Orofluido-beauty elixerthis product makes me happy I got the box, I will be honest ( I had to look up what the heck this was, and it didn’t come with directions) but when I figured it out, I realized what I had been missing! It smells heavenly, made my hair look so shiny, and oh so soft!! LOVE


And last, but not least…
Hollywood Fashion Tape it is an assortment pack of double-sided sticky strips. I am sure that at some point these will come in handy!

Have you gotten the birchbox? What do you think of it? I may be undecided, but I’m still eager to see what comes next month

Monday Funday

Monday Funday! Time for another week!

This past weekend was amazing! Hubby was out of town and I was able to relax and watch chickflicks (always nice to not hear him moan and groan in the background).
I’m also super excited because I was able to watch The hunger games, and see what the big deal was! Now however I am VERY eager to find the time to read the books.
And to make the weekend a little better, (yes I know, it was already pretty awesome) I was able to do crafts something about crafts relaxes me….a little strange, I’m sure 🙂

well, here’s to another weekand the fact that sometimes you need a lazy weekend

Top 5 from PINTEREST

Its Sunday which means it is time for my TOP 5 FROM PINTEREST this week!

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I do not know how you could ever be mad at a face like that! I mean seriously, this is ADORABLE!

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This is so true to my heart because living so close to Target I go there all the time, and ALWAYS leave with WAY more then I went for.

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This looks so yummy! I will be making it VERY soon! (review to come)

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Summer Please! this just screams warm weather and sunshine

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This has been on my mind! time to hit the gym

Girls Weekend!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a girls weekend to Branson Missouri and do a little shopping while our men (husbands/boyfriend) were busy taking their first set of Chiropractic Boards.

         I have to say, a girls weekend is just what I needed! I can not even remember the last time that I took some time to just get away with the girls!



(Lets be honest, that’s what is really important)

This was my first trip to Branson, and I was very eager to see what kind of shopping I had been missing out on all these years. Growing up in Arkansas, I am really surprised it took me so long to finally make the trip.

The Tanger Outlets is where we were planning to do our shopping with the Coach Outlet being the most important stop. I have to say I was very impressed with the Coach store, the prices were awesome and after many years of wanting to purchase a coach purse, but just not being able to pay the price, I made the plunge!

I LOVE IT! It is very much my style, was in my price range and……the inside is PINK! It’s like a little piece of happiness every time I open it up!

Sir Jealousy~ if you need a laugh

Sooo, it’s kinda an unwritten rule in our house, anytime you come home, you take the dog out. A dog can never go outside to much.


Well….yesterday I come home from work and it’s GORGEOUS outside- naturally(haha) I decide rather then take Max on a short walk, we should take a long one and enjoy some fresh air.

Sounds great right?!? Nope, not according to Winkey (or Sir Jealousy as I sometimes like to call him)

As soon as I walk back up to the house, I see my cute little kitty waiting at the door … And as soon as I walk in, my husband informs the the cat needs to go on a walk because he has been at the door meowing since we left! we are talking 20 minutes

The motto of this story….next time you see someone walking a cat, the lady may not be completely crazy, but instead…the cat thinks he is a dog



It’s Monday!!

Another Monday, always sneaking up and putting an end to my weekend!


Instead of letting a case of the Monday’s get to me, I am going to make Monday a day to think about what GOOD will come this week.
So here it goes…


SPRING WEATHER~ it is suppose to be in the 70s all week! Time to grill, take the dog on longs walks and pretty much do anything I can think of outside!

HUBBY’S SOFTBALL GAMES~ gotta love being outside and watching my man play softball

BRANSON WEEKEND~ how can you not look forward to a girls weekend shopping?!

Here’s to another great week!!

The Big 25

The big 25 tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

It seems so strange to think that it’s 25 already. When I was in jr high I remember an adult (what adult I can’t remember) telling me “the older you get,the faster time goes by.” I’m not sure why, but that has always stuck with me and is so true! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my grandmas talking with my cousin about how things would be when WE grew up. Haha.

It’s funny how things don’t always work out as you have planned, but instead so much better.

*Cheers* to another birthday, and to what great things another year will bring!